When God Had No Home

After reestablishing the Ark of the Covenant in a tabernacle in Israel (1 Chronicles 16), David saw that offerings were made, everyone was fed and trumpets played continually before the Ark. It was a huge event.

That day David gave a psalm to thank God, reminding Israel to constantly give thanks, sing songs, seek the Lord and remember his marvelous works. Finally, everyone left and returned to their own homes, including David.

But as he sat in his house that night with Nathan, he gets to thinking about it all says to Nathan, “I dwell in an house of cedars, but the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord remaineth under curtains.”

I would imagine he was thinking about the greatness of God and wondering why he hadn’t thought about it before. This is the Lord God Almighty! How can we leave His presence in such a manner?

He must have hashed it out with Nathan because Nathan turned around and told him, “Do all that is in thine heart, for God is with thee.” Basically saying, go for it man, God favors you.

But God visited Nathan that night and told him to tell David that he would not build a house for Him to live in, and followed up by asking, have I spoke a word to the judges I commanded to feed my people and asked why they hadn’t built me a house?

No, because God was on the move, right along with the children of Israel, from the Red Sea with Moses, to the possession of the land with Joshua, to now, seeing David establish his own kingdom. He was still moving, rooting, establishing His chosen people. It wasn’t time to “go home”, so to speak.

Maybe sometimes that’s why our BIG PLANS never come through like we think they should, or maybe that “thing” we thought was such a big deal, turned out not to be. Building a house for God wasn’t a bad idea…Solomon wound up being the one to build it…but David was a servant of a different kind.

So today I’m taking a lesson from 1 Chronicles 16.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is, as David said, give thanks, call on His name, make His deeds known, sing songs to Him, talk about Him, seek His face continually and remember his marvelous works and wonders. Sometimes that is enough…

Now can you imagine what it would be like if we did it at all?

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