You’re In Good Company, Weary Warrior!

This post came, in a way, without warning. It was an outpouring from my spirit that happened before I ever even considered it for publication here on my blog!


I don’t know who needs to hear it, but if it’s YOU, I pray God blesses you by allowing you to feel His Spirit all around you. You are loved, planned before you ever showed up in your mother’s womb and, certainly, in good company.

People Are Hurting

We aren’t in a bubble, Christians! Believe it or not, we are on the front lines for a lost and dying world. Sometimes, our battleground is ourselves. Sometimes, it’s our family. And sometimes, it’s someone the Lord brings into our lives as a “special addition”.

I am reminded of how I was when it was just ME going to church. Without my family. But for the grace of God, I wouldn’t have made it through those days! I wept and cried out to God and it seemed like my prayers were just hitting the ceiling and bouncing off. You know how that goes!

I don’t know, sometimes, whether the trials we go through are so much for US or for THEM, as part of their upcoming testimony. Of course, in the midst of the fire, it’s not easy to see past our own hurt, is it?

Have You Ever Thought of THEM?

I think sometimes… often actually! … about what it must have been like for Daniel. I can almost smell the lion’s breath… the dust that puffed up every time they stalked around. You know, had it not been for angelic intervention, they would just have gobbled him up!

Or the Hebrew children… I think of how their hearts must have raced, their stomachs sickened, as the heat of the puffed-up furnace engulfed the men escorting them to the mouth of the furnace. Did they jump in? Fall in? Get sucked in by the power of the fire?

But God!

Or of Esther… having heard that her people were to be annihilated and Mordecai’s voice telling her, “If you don’t step up, God WILL bring a rescuer… but you will perish with your people.” And knowing the sentence for the uninvited found in the king’s presence…

Oh, Dear One!

We are preceded by such a great cloud of witnesses, all recorded in the Living Word for our consideration, for our great joy, and for our heart’s purpose! To let us know that we DO NOT serve a God whose ear is deafened or whose arm is shortened!

Dear Lord Jesus, I ask You to fill my sisters and brothers’ homes this moment with the mighty rushing wind of Your Spirit! Take captive the hearts and minds there, the demonic oppression that seeks to create havoc and chaos where one of Your CHILDREN resides!

Oh, Mighty God, be as a swift rescue, all to Your great glory and honor, that others might see and know that you are Good, an ever-present help in times of trouble, and One worthy of honor and praise! That every member of these households will be drawn by Your Spirit and long for the salvation that only YOU offer!

Jesus, we don’t understand, sometimes, what we have to go through, but we know that we are not tempted in any way that You Yourself were not. Comfort us, Jesus, and put Your Arms around us and dispatch you angel bands to set up walls and hedges of fire and protection for Your Own. And we ask it in the NAME that is above all names, Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Devil, you are served notice! The Lord rebuke you!


  1. Thank you for this Stacey! I needed to hear this! It really ministered to my soul! Hugs my friend! đŸ€—

    1. Author

      Praise God, Renee! It ministered to mine too! Even while writing it! God is so good!

  2. This was an excellent post. Thank you for sharing. I was blessed by this post.

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